Sacramento politicians continue to pass legislation that favors criminals and makes our communities less safe. The passage of AB 109, Prop 47, and Prop 57 has weakened criminal sentencing and reclassified “nonviolent crimes” resulting in the early release of thousands of dangerous criminals. The implementation of these policies has directly contributed to the rising crime rates across California. Each day, our progressive legislators seek to pass laws aimed at reducing the prison population by releasing criminals and making it harder for public safety personnel to perform their duties. As your next Assemblyman, I will be a strong advocate for public safety and fight for legislation to make our neighborhoods safe and keep violent criminals behind bars.
California is one of the highest taxed and regulated states in the country. The tax structure is destroying the middle class and forcing our friends, family, and neighbors to move to more affordable states. Seniors on fixed incomes are having a harder time paying the bills and it’s negatively impacting their quality of life. Now, they are even trying to dismantle Prop. 13 – a measure I strongly support and defend. It’s time we fight to make California more affordable. I signed the “No New Taxes” pledge I will work hard to cut taxes on individuals and businesses and roll back the absurd regulations – like the plastic straw ban – that make California less affordable.
California is facing a moral crisis. Progressive politicians in Sacramento view religion, family values, and the U.S. Constitution as their enemy. They are constantly attempting to indoctrinate our children with liberal curriculum and graphic sex education policies. They seek to undermine our free speech through “politically correct” policies and they continue to attack the freedoms and liberties granted to us by the U.S. Constitution. Enough is enough. I will fight to defend the 2nd amendment, religious freedom, family values, and the entire U.S. Constitution.
As a business owner, I understand first-hand how difficult it is to open and operate a successful business in California. Our state is consistently ranked one of the worst states to do business year after year as the progressives in Sacramento continue to attack businesses. The unemployment rate in California is significantly higher than the national rate because every day we see major businesses close their doors or move out of state, taking jobs and revenue with them. Recently, Sacramento politicians passed AB5 which killed the independent contracting industry in California. This bill alone will make it harder for entrepreneurs and small business owners to make an honest living. How much longer will we sit by and watch as progressives in Sacramento decimate jobs and opportunities in California. We need more business-minded representatives who will work to cut taxes on businesses and reduce burdensome regulations to promote job growth and economic prosperity.
Sacramento politicians created the homelessness crisis and now we need immediate, real solutions. A recent study conducted by the White House Council of Economic Advisors found that nearly half (47%) of the homeless population in the United States lives in California. Allowing the homeless to create and live in tent cities and roam our neighborhoods is unacceptable. Providing housing and services for our homeless veterans must be a top priority.  We must work to implement effective, community-based policies to ensure we provide care and housing for those who truly need it and hold criminal offenders accountable.


The United States must have a strong national defense to protect the safety and well-being of Americans, and to guard our democracy from foreign threats. Each year, countless drugs, weapons, and people are illegally trafficked across our borders. Children and women are taken from their homes by gangs and cartels, illegally brought into our country, and forced into human trafficking rings. This is an atrocity and a crisis they must be stopped. We must immediately secure our borders.

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